It’s been a very very long time since I’ve written. It’s been a rough few months. Paid a lot more than I should have on taxes, my cat got sick, I broke a tooth, and my grandmother and uncle both died.
Like I said. It’s been rough but in some ways, it’s getting a lot better. My cat is fine, my dentist appointment is in the morning and I have the most amazing supportive boyfriend now, which makes a world of difference. My debt is still hanging around but that’s slowly getting handled, though not as fast as I would like.
I’ve realized that out of everything I do, the most consistent is entertainment. Movies, music and books. So keep your eye out for some changes to this blog 🙂 not so much changes but additions. Have a good day everyone!



The return of cold weather only means one thing. The return of my stew and chili binge! I made a small batch of chili today and it turned out pretty well. This is especially awesome because I burnt it to the pot and somehow it didn’t taste burnt nor did it wreck the pot. So cool!
Other than that, there’s not too much going on. Tomorrow is my first day back at the library since vacation. It’s a full eight hour shift. I’m hoping it’s a really easy one!
Have a good evening!

The last morning…

So it is now the last morning of my vacation. Once I go down for my nap this afternoon, it will officially be over and I am nearly devastated. Not quite that bad, really, but the end is always a bit of a let down. I think maybe it’s a bit worse this time because of the breakup.
Regardless, I went into vacation with tons of plans. Read a book, clean my room, sort through clothes, and lots more. I pretty much only succeeded with finishing the boxed set I wanted to watch and finishing the book I wanted to read. Not bad, if I do say so myself lol.
Anyhow, adios vacation! I will miss you dearly in the coming months!

Second last day…

Of vacation and what do I do? Get up at 5am to go meet a night shift friend for after work coffee. How smart is that? Lol. I really need to girl time though. Might even go to see my new boyfriend, Thor, Saturday night. Thoughts?


Is it horrible of me to finally have ten days off and I have officially accomplished nothing? More than that, I am actually a little bit bored….

A new day, a new start

I’m so horrible at keeping up with this and I do apologize.
There’s been so much going on lately. Two jobs is definitely keeping me on my toes.
As with every long absence, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that I have finally paid off my credit card!!! Yay!! I am honestly so proud of myself for that. $7000 paid off in 8 months seems pretty spectacular. So now that thats done, the plan is to start retirement savings and pay off my student loan. The student loan is a lot more. It’ll take forever to pay it off no matter what so I’m not going to push myself so hard with it.
The bad news is only bad news depending on how you look at it. After two years of fighting and trying unsuccessfully to be what my boyfriend wanted, we broke up last night. It sucks to have put so much time into something only for it to fall apart but at least I’m not feeling insulted all the time now.
For the first day of singledom, I went and got my hair cut how I like it. Hair dye may follow. I haven’t decided yet.
I’m on vacation this week so I’m going to try to update my reading list along with working on my knitting, which is something else I haven’t done in a while…
Have a good day everybody!

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I know I haven’t written in a while… I’ll update with big news is the next few days.
In the mean time… Who thinks its fair that the roommate who typically works 47.5+ hours a week is the one constantly doing dishes? Out of the past 5 rounds, four have been me and some of those were when I wasn’t even home for three weeks!

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